Company profile

Company profile Tan Bao An cold chain solution and frozen, chilled transportation

Our strategic planning and operations focus on customers and driven by below values:

              • Best price – best service.
              • Reliable and more than expected.
              • Responsive to customer demand.
              • Friendly and empathy
              • Professional facilities

VisionVision and mission Tan Bao An cold chain solution and frozen, chilled transportation

To be one of the best cold logistics solution provider in VietNam.


To provide effective and efficient cold logistics solution to create best values to customers and consumers.

Competitive strategy:

To provide solutions for cold logistics services including storage, transport, delivery, order processing and inventory management, driven by maximizing customers’ satisfaction through:

  • Lowest total logistics cost.
  • Continuous improvement to reduce cost.
  • Global optimization to lower inventory level, reduce damage and loss.
  • Nationwide distribution network
  • Continuous investment to extend facilities.
  • Leverage IT technology to provide fast and accurate information.Differentiate Tan Bao An cold chain solution and frozen, chilled transportation
  • Provide best employee policy:
      • To build friendly, progressive and flexible working environment to foster challenge, creativity and development.
      • Suitable salary package and better expected.
      • To provide extensive training continuously.
      • To provide newest hardware and software.
      • To provide full information on company operations.
      • Leadership and not management to help maximizing employee capability.

History Tan Bao An cold chain solution and frozen, chilled transportation

Oct – 2010

  • Nguyễn Quốc Bảo: Company founder
  • First cold logistics service provider in Vietnam
  • Investment: 1.5 Bil VND
  • Size: 10 staff
  • Office: 94 Nguyễn Văn Tạo, Ấp 3, Long Thới, Nhà Bè, HCMC

Feb – 2011

  • Partnership of Royal Management Consultant (Singapore)
  • Strategic planning
  • Turnover: 500 Mil VND / month

Oct – 2011

  • Invested in R&D 500 Mil VND
  • Strategic plan implementation

Oct – 2012

  • Launch website
  • Increase invesment: 9 Bil VND
  • Turnover: 2 Bil VND / month

Feb – 2013

  • Launch a series of training to improve customer service
  • Introduce supply chain consultant

May -2013

  • Launch second website:


Organization chart Tan Bao An cold chain solution and frozen, chilled transportation

Customer: who lead, drive and measure the operations.
CEO: who sensitive with customers demand, lead and guide operations to customers’ value.
HR: supporting and providing services to staff.
IT: research and development IT system, globally optimize to provide fast and accurate information.
Customer service: supporting customers, friendly, professionally and responsively to customers’ demand.
Marketing: plan and implement marketing activities to provide solution information to customers.
Sales: directly work with customer to consult and provide solution to customers. Putting quality and reliability on top.
Operations: implement solutions, heading to sustainable values, continuous improvement to reduce cost, minimize damage and lost. Creating time and place values.
Finance: financial planning and reporting, supporting others to plan and implement, measuring company operations.
R&D: research and development to provide better sustainable solution.
External affairs: develop events and policies to provide values to community.

Core values Tan Bao An cold chain solution and frozen, chilled transportation

1. Consistently provide best quality service at lowest total logistics cost

2. Consistently provide service with quality better than customer expected

3. Consistently responsive to customer

4. Risk management always in place to ensure customers’ benefits

5. Continuous improvement to reduce time and lower total cost

6. Non-stop investment, training and development

7. Based these values to any operations

logistics 3

1. Strong finance backup

2. Well-trained and professional staff

3. Strategic support from Royal Management consultant

4. Well-equipped facilities

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